• A variety of origins, productions and tastes: 100 exhibitors & 1000 types of cheese

  • Preserve values: origin, tradition, craftsmanship and knowledge

  • Gourmets and cheese lovers. Learning from each other, and experiencing together.

A celebration among friends

The Cheese Festival is many things: a cheese and gourmet market, a "Slow Food" trade fair, a gathering of like-minded people. And it is, undoubtedly, a highlight in the cheese industry. But all that does still not describe it satisfactorily. Indeed, it is rather a feeling.

Every two years, producers, traders, gourmets, frommeliers, lovers and affineurs, as well as journalists, school children and locals gather in Campo Tures for one good reason. It's the cheese that gets them all together. Almost all come to indulge their passion, some attend tastings, others buy, some sell, some hold lectures, and many meet friends and celebrate together. And then there are those who promote awareness, teach values and strive to preserve traditions. 

The love for cheese has made this festival what it is today. A truly unique experience.

What distinguishes this festival from other events is the motivation and passion of the initiator, which is palpable everywhere and at any time. With the Cheese Festival, Martin Pircher, as you would expect, wants to celebrate the uniqueness and versatility of this food. But he also wants to raise awareness: toward the tradition, the special craftsmanship and cheese types in danger of extinction.

They come here from everywhere, no distance is too far: 869 km separate the popular market hall “Markthalle Neun” in Berlin from the Cheese Festival in Campo Tures. The distance record in 2014 goes to an exhibitor from Modica in Sicily with 1,621 km.

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2016.

A few impressions ...